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Pros And Cons Of Renting The Largest Dumpster For Your Property Cleanup Project

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You are facing a rather sizable property cleanup process, and you know you need to rent a dumpster. You get to the dumpster rental company and find out there are multiple sizes available. You want to go with the largest unit, but you are not really sure if this is the best option. Take a look at some of the pros and cons of renting a larger dumpster so you can make the best decision for your project. 

Pro: You will have more room for disposal before you need the dumpster emptied. 

One of the obvious advantages of a larger dumpster rental is the fact that you will be able to dispose of much more stuff at one time before the dumpster will have to be retrieved or emptied. Stopping periodically because there is no space for more waste can slow down your cleanup processes. With a larger unit, that will never be a concern.

Con: You will pay more for upfront rental costs for a larger dumpster most of the time. 

The larger a dumpster is, the more you will have to pay up front to rent the receptacle, which is understandable. These units are costlier to haul and more time-consuming to handle, so the rental place is naturally going to charge more. Different rental companies charge for trash in different ways. Some will charge a flat-rate cost for the rented dumpster and as much waste as you can fit inside. Others will charge a base price for the dumpster and then charge by weight for the waste. 

Pro: Larger dumpsters can be more cost-efficient for really large projects. 

Even though it can cost you more up front to rent a larger dumpster, if you have a larger project on your hands, you will likely save money by opting for a larger unit. The larger unit will cost less money than having to consistently have a smaller unit retrieved or emptied. 

Con: A larger dumpster requires more space for placement. 

Of course, if you go with the largest dumpster you can find, it is going to mean you will have to have enough space for placement on your property. In some urban locations, placement of a larger dumpster is simply unfeasible because yards and driveways can be so small. In some cases, you can have the dumpster placed on the street in front of your home, but you will probably have to obtain a permit to do so.