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Are You Starting A House Clean-Out Business? Use These Tips To Increase Customer Satisfaction

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A seasonal cleaning business is an ideal way to earn some extra cash while helping out the people in your community. While you know how to clean and organize someone's residence, the one snag that you seem to hit is finding ways to get rid of the garbage in an appropriate manner. After home clean-outs, the last thing your customers want is to look at piles of trash taking up space on their curb, and some items such as a destroyed mattress may not be so easy to get rid of. As you prepare to open up your business, use these tips to plan for proper garbage removal.

Determine Their Needs

During your initial visit to the home, take a few minutes to get an estimate of the amount of trash that you expect to generate. For example, you may find that you have bulk items that need to be disposed of during a garage clean-out such as discarded furniture or large amounts of boxes. As you perform this assessment, be alert for items that may require you to plan for special disposal methods such as electronics so that you can discuss the needs with the garbage removal services.

Use Proper Disposal Containers

You can streamline the process of eliminating garbage during the clean-outs by bringing the proper containers with you to perform the service. Naturally, you will want to have a variety of garbage bags on hand to dispose of the waste. Be sure to fill up the bags as you go and separate them according to whether or not they are recyclable. If you are working on a multi-day project, then be sure to place any plastic bags into pest-proof containers with lids to ensure that trash is not scattered overnight.

Arrange for Prompt Garbage Pick-Up Services

Home garbage removal services pick up trash on a daily basis or a weekly schedule so that you can always be sure that no trash is left lingering on the property after your project is complete. When you call to arrange for services, have information on hand such as the location of the property, the date you need garbage picked up and any details regarding bulk or specialty items so that the pickup crew arrives prepared to handle the load.

When you handle a residential clean-out from start to finish, your efforts lead to customer referrals and repeat calls that help build your business. By knowing how to handle the waste quickly and efficiently, you can look forward to leaving every job with satisfied customers.

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