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Using Dumpsters For A Demo Project: Four Helpful Tips

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When your construction company is tasked with a demolition project, one major concern is how to remove all of the debris and building material from the job site. Using commercial dumpster rentals offers a handy solution to this problem, but you'll want to make the proper arrangements to ensure your crew can remove the debris and clean up the demo site. Use the following tips to help ensure your demo project goes smoothly.

Rent Multiple Dumpsters

Dumpsters have weight limits, and the amount of debris you can place in them depends on the type of materials being demolished. For example, brick and concrete can be particularly heavy, so your dumpster may reach the maximum weight limit before it's full. Consider renting more than one dumpster for projects with concrete, brick, or other dense material. Use one for lighter debris, such as drywall and insulation, and reserve the other for heavy materials. Be prepare to call your dumpster rental company frequently to have the heavy materials taken off site so you can continue to demolish and dispose of debris.

Keep Safety In Mind

Your dumpsters should be situated away from wrecking balls and the demo site to help ensure that crew members disposing of debris are kept out of harm's way. Consider using spray paint on the ground to mark off where people should use caution and where the dumpsters should be placed. You'll also want to make sure everyone is wearing hard hats and other safety equipment, whether they are demolishing or disposing of debris.

Build A Ramp

Unless you are using cranes or dump trucks to deposit debris into the dumpsters, your crew will likely be placing the materials inside by hand. Choose dumpsters that have doors on the end for easy access to the interior, and build a ramp leading up to the dumpster floor. This will make it easier to load debris by hand truck or wheelbarrow, and it will also make it easier for your crew to carry large items in by hand.

Secure Your Debris

Be sure to close and secure the doors at the end of every workday to prevent people from getting inside where they may be injured. If the debris you are removing includes copper wire, steel tubing, or copper plumbing, consider taking extra measures to keep people away. These items can be valuable at recycling centers, depending on how much you have, and your company may want to turn it in for cash. Consider having these items removed from your work site every day, or have your crew build a protective fence around the dumpsters, which can be padlocked at night.

Talk to your dumpster rental company about the size and scope of your project so you can be sure to get the right size dumpsters. Once the dumpsters are delivered, use these tips to keep your debris secure, your staff safe, and your project running smoothly.

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